It's 2023

It's 2023. I was surprised to realize that 30 years had passed since I got to college. I've seen many debates about engineers in their 40s. Many times it sounds silly or meaningless, but even to me, entering my 50s soon gets me into a complicated mood. But time passes anyway, and I believe I still have a lot of time to go. So, that's why I still make new year's resolutions.

This year, I made two personal (except for health, family, and work-related) resolutions.

The first is to write these blog posts more frequently - more than 3-4 posts weekly. Recently, I've quitted Twitter - mainly due to the guy. I think this place would also be good for short stories about what I think/feel in a day. So, let me go for it.

The second is to start making my indie video game. I plan to write a novel in English before my 50, and a game could represent it well. Recently, I was impressed by some great games that were developed by a solo-developer such as Tunic, Chained Echoes, etc. I believe it would be a good time to do it not to make money but for self-realization.

In fact, I'm a bit afraid of what I'll think when I read this article again in a year, but I want to start with hope as it's the start of the new year (after a long while) that everything seems to be going back to normal.