Hawaii 2024: 6) Farewell

Hawaii 2024: 6) Farewell
Leaving Hawaii

We booked a Luau show at my hotel, "Legends of Hawaii Luau," for the last night. A luau is a traditional Hawaiian party or feast, and many places host one.

My favorite Luau experience was at the Hale Koa Hotel (in Oahu) in 2008 when Glen Medeiros hosted the show. I was so happy to hear "Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You" live, which was my favorite song of my youth. He was no longer an adonis already but still had an unchanged voice.

The show typically includes three parts: a Hawaiian dinner, traditional Hawaiian dances, and the highlight fire show. Although it was not cheap at $236 per adult, it was worth every penny. The performances were excellent, and the quality of the meals, which included unlimited cocktails, was exceptional. Don’t forget to take the opportunity to get pictures with the performers.


The highlight

On our last morning, we made the most of the resort for the last time. We watched the dolphin show as a last-minute activity. While such shows are becoming rarer for various reasons, the crew assured us it was part of ecological research, and I could buy it. The final views of the hotel were stunning, leaving me wishing we could have enjoyed it more fully. Maybe next time.


Dolphin Splash

I planned to stop by "Matsuyama Food Mart" for breakfast, as I had heard it was near the Kona airport. However, my Apple Maps directed me to a different location, about 5 miles uphill from the airport. This unexpected detour took me through a hillside residential area, which turned out to be a stunning experience with incredible views. Later, I discovered that there was indeed another Matsuyama Food Mart right next to the airport at the Texaco. Despite the mix-up, the scenic detour was well worth it, and the spam musubi from the hillside store seemed even more delicious.


Unexpected Detour

Returning home, we were reminded once again that there's no place like it. With our new bumper stickers in hand, we're already looking forward to our next adventure.