Microsoft buys Activision Blizzard in a $68.7B deal. It shouldn't be only me who was thrilled by the news of this morning. Two words for me: Blizzard and 68.7B. The anticipation that the once greatest but strayed studio might return to where they must be. And the excitement from the number 68.7B will set the industry's new standard. I've never been a fan of Microsoft since 2000, but they show how serious they are by the number.

So, what would be the next? Personally, I'm wondering there will be only one event that could have the same impact: how about Apple buys Epic?

We all know that Apple is serious about AR/VR. Games are the most lucrative domain of AppStore. Once it happens, not only automatically resolving the legal issues, Apple could integrate the most sophisticated game engine with their development stack. Epic might not have an interest in it, but Tencent may have. I believe Tencent has already achieved a sufficient technical level by themselves. Moreover, the current political environment could make them think having a significant stake (40%) in the US company does more harm than good.

An interesting era. May they show the new hope and old dream in a new age. I only hope that I can buy my XBOX Series X soon.