In early 2020, I bought some Tesla stocks (about $1,000 value). At the time, it seemed that the Tesla-made world that my daughter didn't have to learn to drive was imminent. My stock value had sky-rocketed up to $10,000, then... fell down to $2,000. The future had not come, and the company didn't seem to have a working CEO. The illusion of peak and the non-working CEO's behavior (like this) kept making me agitated. So, I made up my mind that I would sell out all if the stock price touched $200 again (then my value would go back to around $5,000). But after that - this Feb., it has been regaining its value ridiculously.

Yesterday, I called Uber to pick up my Toyota Highlander from maintenance. To my surprise, a white Model 3 came; it was the first time I had Tesla for my Uber ride. But it was a horrible experience being in the backseat of Model 3; it made me dizzy and sick. I checked the Tesla stock value: it was $210. I knew it was time; I liquidated all. Two coincidences are inevitable. I finally could get inner peace by removing the TSLA ticker from my portfolio.