I often said that now we had normalcy, and I was grateful that I hadn't had the disease. But early this month, I finally got Covid. My wife got it first (probably in her office), and I had it inevitably. My parents and daughter were going to go to Korea in a week. We could isolate ourselves timely, and luckily, they could go safely. So we could have a more comfortable quarantine in the whole house.

I must mention that the symptom was not severe, and thankfully, it did not pose any danger to life - probably thanks to the vaccines (I had four shots). A day of severe sore throat, a day of severe migraine, and a few days of coughs. After a week, the condition seemed to be improved, but we had seen two strong lines for a few more days.

The reward was the relief; I attended five Giants games last week (I would say about it sometime later) without a glimmer of anxiety. The implication was I couldn't jot down anything for a long time. So, this would be my effort to regain the flow and integrate the normalcy into my soul.