Mark Zuckerberg said that this year would be his "Year of Efficiency." Eliminating redundancies and improving efficiency by flattening sounds reasonable strategy. At least, he looks like a working CEO - although there seemed to be some back blasts.

But I believe the layers in Meta haven't been made for no reason. Agile is the best strategy with limited resources when a company is in the early stage. But as the company grows, teams and organizations come. It is not a vice; it is a way to achieve something more significant and meaningful. If the middle managers didn't work, it wouldn't be because those managers failed, but because the leadership was unfocused and failed them to work.

My sense is that Meta has too loved to be an improviser. It has made Meta look cool - a tech-savvy leader. But it wouldn't be a good way to achieve something great - truly meaningful. What makes things worse is that it seems to depend on the whim of the leadership. I made a shared photo album for my family on Facebook before, but one day I found that it was gone; literally, it disappeared. I love my Portal; though it is a little hard to explain, it gave me a value/convenience that I cannot find in other video call apps/devices. But it failed me too many times with many unexpected bugs.  They changed the company's name to Meta - showing their seriousness for Metaverse. This week, MZ announced Meta has a news team building AI tools, but I might not be the only one who thinks that they're reluctant to mention Metaverse these days.

Market changes always. Success is unquestionable and inevitable only in God, and I believe we call it luck. I hope the leadership understood everything correctly and made the best decision to seize on the luck.