Levi's Stadium

Levi's Stadium

Last Sunday, I went to Levi's Stadium for the 49ers' home opener. Since I came to the Bay Area three years ago, I got to love to watch football games on TV and became a 49ers fan. So, I decided to visit Levi's Stadium and see a live match for the first time. I took the third floor (section 300 level) mainly because it was pretty expensive (though I expected). Considering the distance from the field, the ticket price ($175) was three to five times more than a baseball game in Oracle Park.

Parking also seemed to be very challenging. Not only the over-$100 fee but also the space looked problematic. When I saw it with the Google Map satellite image, it reminded me of the Dodgers Stadium: spacious but packed with cars (and so terrible for in-and-out). So, we decided to park at Jin(my wife)'s office and walk to the Stadium. It was 2.5 miles distance and took about an hour. A little long way, but the way was alongside Guadalupe River: a perfect Sunday morning family hiking.

We visited the 49ers Museum first. To tell the truth, we mistook it from the Team Store. However, it was worth a visit; it was beneficial to know the team's history.

We had Super Duper burgers for lunch, and (though hard to tell why) it was more delicious than in Oracle Park; I think it might be because of the atmosphere. When I walked into the main concourse, my first impression was it was so bright -  different from Oracle Park, where the dimming corridor always greets me first. I thought the structure was designed to bring in as much natural light as possible. It was not just luxurious but rather a contemporary feeling. It could be because it is a relatively new stadium; it opened in 2014. But I think it came from the cleanness: every corner, space, shop, and diner was well-organized and clean - providing a pleasant experience.

The first-visit Stadium excited me, but the weather was the opposite. At the start, when the national anthem rang, it suddenly started to rain. After that, rain and the sun went back and forth during the game as if they were playing their own game. Some fans wrongly condemned Seattle for bringing their weather to the Bay Area; sorry, I was also one of them.

Welcome, Seattle. But you don't need to bring your weather here.

The game was interesting in many aspects. I was surprised that it was so comfortable/pleasant to see a football game in the stadium. I thought it would be hard to follow the game without the CG yard lines we see on the TV screen. But it was not; the yard markers on the field were easy to recognize. Watching the game with a wide view was more fun than I thought.

The most controversial question about the 49ers this year must be who would be the QB1. Even though the team decided on Trey Lance as the QB1 quite early before the season, the debate was everywhere; even I heard a fierce debate between two fans when I lined up at the Team Store. And it had a sudden/unexpected conclusion. During the game, Trey was out for a season-end injury; Jimmy G. stepped up, showed a good performance, and gave the team the first win.

I hope Trey will get well soon and return next year. I learned the term "a gifted athlete" from Trey last year: not lexically but empirically. I wish an excellent season for Jimmy G and the 49ers; I also hope Rita Oak will enjoy the unexpectedly extended journey.

P.S.: Levi's Stadium was a wonderful place, but I had just one thing to complain about. Many guys around us were vaping at seats during the game. I was not sure that vaping (e-cigarettes) was allowed in the stadium, but it was the only one awkward experience among many greats; I was sorry for my daughter.