Last week, I came across an article about harsh comments on LinkedIn. It was an acute accusation but interesting to me because I had never met with such bigots on LinkedIn.

I have some principles on Social Networks. The most strict one is on Facebook. I think Facebook is the most private network. So, I accept/request invitations from/to people I can have dinner with. For LinkedIn, I also had some: for example, I don't accept any random request unless I already know the solicitor. (e.g., ex or current colleagues or who came across at the conference). But I had thought I could be a little flexible here because LinkedIn was a business/professional network. However, the article made me rethink those principles and reinforce them thoroughly.

It makes me have a subtle and indefinable sensation. Social Networks should have had invented to 'connect' people. But we're forced to build walls because we don't want to be hurt. The Dispossessed started with a sentence: "There was a wall." And it is the story of unbuilding the wall. But we don't have Ansible. Only one question in the article never left my mind.

"Are we really at a point where society normalized hatred?"

I don't think so (at least, yet). But I might be in the wall that I've made. That makes me anxious.