Pitch Clock / Romo

Pitch Clock / Romo

The MLB season opening is around the corner. I hope the 2023 Giants will be a greater team than 2021. I watched the last exhibition match at Oracle Park on TV. MLB this year has several rule changes, and the most noticeable one should be the pitch clock.

The pitch clock rules are as follows:

  • 15 seconds with bases empty; 20 with runners on.
  • Violations are automatic ball or strike.

It looked straightforward - a usual game time acceleration rule. But the detail had non-negligible implications. It limits hitters to one timeout per plate appearance and allows pitchers to step off the rubber (at which point the clock resets) twice per plate appearance. And a pitcher's pickoff consumes one step off. It means that a pitcher can only have two pickoffs. No, the pitcher can make a third pickoff, but if he fails, it is an automatic balk - the runner automatically goes to the next base. It'll definitely make a lot of unprecedented moments. The second pickoff should be very cautious and strategic; it could change the game fundamentally.

But today's highlight is not the clock or other players - it was Romo. The Giants made a contract with him to let him retire as a Giant. What a perfect way to let a Giant go. It was an authentic moment watching Romo and Pence on the mound together.

So, Go, Giants! For another 162 glories and tortures.