Queen’s Gambit

"Queen's Gambit" must be one of the most famous TV shows worldwide these days. I enjoyed it last Thanksgiving day, and I'm also the one fascinated by the show definitively.

Spoiler alert: a little bit.

At first, I cringed, as it was totally out of my expectation. In the usual plot of that kind of story, a protagonist is left in the lurch by evil or egocentric surroundings: Sara Crewe? I had kept being in a flutter - thinking about "How badly do teachers harass her?" "When does the step-mother show her color and try to rip her off?" "How do the boys play with her emotion?" Then at the last of episode four, I got to realize that "this is not that kind of show." It is rather... no,  it is more of "Anne of Green Gables."

There are no 'evil' players in the show. All are pure, passionate, and so... normal. The only enemy of Harmon is herself. She rises, strays, recovers, and sparkles by herself - No, with all her surroundings' warmful supports.

Someone might criticize it as a clumsy excuse for meritocracy. It could be possible only because the stage was the 1960s. But I believe this story has its value. It shows us that meritocracy is only meaningful when it is at the right time: a day talent can come from anywhere. It was so pleasant to watch this kind of story these days; especially, at this time.