Last week, there was a cool article from Vulture about the history of the animation. In those 100 great moments, I believe I know the most from the Japanese anime. As I said before, watching animes has been a part of my life. But there was a personal moment I fell in love with animes; it was when I first watched her - Madoka Ayukawa from Kimagure Orange Road. I was so hooked with her and the show, which was the beginning of my fanatic life for animes. (And the (anime) character designer of Orange Road was Akemi Takada, my favorite, who also designed the characters of Creamy Mami.)

But I was sad last week when I heard Izumi Matsumoto - who is the original comic author of Orange Road - passed away. Frankly, I haven't known about him much, had no personal connection, but I always have had deep gratitude for him. It was hard to explain, but I was so depressed. Same with three years ago, when Tsuru Hiromi - the voice actress of Ayukawa) died. Maybe it was because of the feeling something important to me was gone, or because it reminds me my days are also ticking.

Rest in peace Matsumoto san. Thanks for everything.