Space Battle Ship Yamato 1 Ep 22.

Finally, I watched the 22nd Episode of Yamato 1 - The Rainbow Star Cluster. It was an incredible story that a genius engineer beats an admiral who planned and executed a perfect strategy.

Space Battle Ship Yamato is an extraordinary anime to me. Though (as a Korean) it is hard to have an affinity to the name of Yamato, I loved this anime when I was a child even if mostly I couldn’t watch it. The season 1 was aired in Korea in 1980, but I couldn’t watch it as I lived in Jeju - the southernmost island of Korea. My uncle gave me gloves themed with Yamato when I was 7 years old. It was my precious in my early days.

As I heard, the sequence of the Ep. 22 from Kazuhide Tomonaga was excellent. The panning scene of the take-offs must be innovative at that time (1975). It was my first time to watch the complete season 1 of Yamato in a row. Though there were many errors in the SF settings, it was a pleasant experience. When we meet our memories of good old days, sometimes it makes me happy but sometimes not. For me, in many cases, past games make me disappointed when I try them again. Maybe now I cannot stand for the inconvenience of those old games. However, good old animes (almost) always make me high. That’s why I emerge into the old animes.