Super Bowl 2023

The bitter memory of two weeks ago made me think about whether I should have to watch Super Bowl this year till the last moment. I watched it just like the feeling of CMC: "I hope both teams lose."

The game was the most exciting one since I started seriously watching Super Bowl (2019). I let out an exclamation when Jerick McKinnon kneeled down (instead of a touch-down) at 1:42 left.

The Super Bowl commercials were not so impressive this year. I had seen a lot of Fox's house ads. I wanted to know if Fox had trouble matching the fill rate. Kia's Binky Dad commercial was the only one I had in my memory. And it was also interesting that I couldn't see (or missed) any coin-related ads - though we had an NFT/QR ad.

But the highlight was Rihanna's Halftime Show. Frankly, I don't know much about Rihanna and her numbers. What I was impressed with the most was the "engineering," the way they produced the stage. How could the floating stages be so stable? As an engineer, it was my pleasure to see a moment when engineering presented people with marvels.

P.S.: It's so disappointing; why are these terrific sports moments still only available on Twitter?