Thank you Gabe!

The Giants were officially eliminated from the postseason. And the team announced they fired Gabe Kepler. I liked his team's underdog spirit. I know how that impulsive buying devastated the farm and the team's 2010s. No big-money players, but the team was solid; especially, the 2021 season was fantastic. However, the team cannot retain it. This 2023 season could be a successful one, but the last losing streaks failed it. To cap it all, many losses were due to awful bonehead plays - the last thing I want to see in the ballgame.

The team and players couldn't maintain competitiveness in 2021. I believe Kepler's team would have been based on autonomy. Yes, autonomy is a great value, and I believe it is (or should be) one of the virtues in the Bay Area. However, improving oneself solely by leaning on autonomy can be challenging for individuals. That's the team's role in the system, management, and processes. It's the team's failure. That wouldn't be only in baseball.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Gabe for many good memories genuinely. I liked his team.