The Move

The Move

I was busy this month, both personally and professionally, due to the move.

Although I cannot tell all details, my recent tasks have been mainly a migration: transfer data to a new structure. It is no sophisticated works. But any discrepancy can introduce catastrophic side-effects, so it has kept me nervous during the month.

Personally, my daughter gets to return to school (for a hybrid learning), so I rented a new home near her school. The move in a pandemic era was much smoother than expected, thanks to great helpers. But packing and unpacking stuff and organizing a new house were much more stressful.

One thing I could achieve during the period was that I completed Lab Girl. It was the most challenging (English) book I have ever read (as I mentioned before). It was an extraordinary memoir, but the highlight came at the last: at the epilogue.

Here's my personal request to you: If you own any private land at all, plant one tree on it this year.

Hmm... sounds good...

If you are renting a place with a yard, plant a tree in it and see if your landlord notices. If he does, insist to him that it was always there.