The Question To Fail

A few months ago, I read a twitter of a Korean software engineer who was working in Silicon Valley. He had been in a meetup for college students who were interested in working in Silicon Valley. There was a Q&A session, and he was mad at a question. “Should I be good at English?”

It sounded to me a general question, but he was furious about it. Because he thought it was a question to fail: an excuse for failure. He said he got a lot of the same questions and realized the question turned into a reason for his/her unwillingness; “I cannot speak English as natives anyway, so It must be a waste of time to aim for jobs in Silicon Valley.” In many cases, they even demoralized other ones.

In many media, how to be productive is a popular topic. I believe getting improved and productive make our future brighter. However, sometimes, there are ones who are saying that it is too violent to enforce others to be productive.

I cannot know he or she is burnt out, in a miserable situation that keeps her/him from doing anything but surviving, or it is just a proof of his/her laziness.

But I believe we cannot set our standard to the lower level. It is a way to recession. Politics must care for those who, in a miserable situation, come back to the track, and let others go forward without worrying about the ones behind. I want to stay hungry, stay foolish, and always want to be improved.