I love baseball. I’ve been a fan of SF Giants since 2008. I also got to love football (yes, American football) too last year. Last year, the 49ers made so many fantastic moments. I think those two have a similarity that “it ain’t over till it’s over.” Americans may love the thrills that the unexpectedness gives; a grand slam can make four runs in a one-shot at the 9th inning, and the 2/3/6/7/8 points combinations make a football game unpredictable even a few minutes before the end of the game.

The presidential election was an exciting game. As a Korean, where the popular vote is the rule, the electoral vote system is weird. But I cannot help but admitting that it is a fascinating rule. It makes me up and down relentlessly throughout the whole week. The myriad ways to the 270 and the fluctuating vote count have made me keep watching CNN, NBC, and even FOX news, and refreshing NYT and WSJ.

Now the game ended. I hope to see the bright and great side of the US. The real face of the once great country that Will Mcavoy said.