The Slap

I couldn't watch this year's Oscar as I was captured in Nexus, and I might miss the most controversial moment of the week - the slap by Will Smith.

It is interesting (and surprising) to see that the most of country looks to be on Chris Rock's side. Yes, I could understand that the Appalachian line supported Will Smith - I got it on the movie Hillbilly Elegy.

"Things could get tough down in Jackson in a heartbeat, but Mamaw and Papaw taught me that you never start a fight. But if someone starts one with you, make damn sure you end it." - Hillbilly Elegy on Netflix.

Most people seemed to think that violence was not acceptable in any case. And the G.I. Jane joke did not cross the line. Some condemned the lag of Will Smith between the mention and his action. I also agree that Will's action should be accountable. But I believe we must also consider why Will Smith was so mad; we should not only buy things objectively but see them from the other side. I thought it was the moment of an existential threat to Will, the time to speak up. I hope Will had something we cannot evaluate. There was an apology; I want to see one from the other too.