The Witch From Mercury

The Witch From Mercury
The key visual of the Witch from Mercury - Copyright SOTSU, SUNRISE, MBS

I couldn't write any article during the MLKJ day weekend, and it means I couldn't have finished Chained Chronicles yet - I was stuck at the last boss (maybe not the last, though). But anyway, I could have great times during the holidays, such as our 18th Anniversary, witnessing the birth of Mr. Impossible (from Mr. Relevant), and the last but most starring was "Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury."

I hadn't gotten into this because I thought my Gundam timeline ended with "Char's Counterattack." (Unicorn extended it a little bit, but I'm still reluctant to see Hathaway - I cannot forgive him yet.) However, the talk of episode 12 circled me, and I had no choice but to binge-watch all 12 episodes as I really wanted to avoid being hit by a spoiler. I had genuinely enjoyed this well-made, sophisticated, and contemporary anime, and at the C part of Ep 12, I was thrilled (maybe just like many others).

I couldn't realize that it was non-UC Gundam. I thought the concept of the pilot-killing machine came from Unicorn, which was not. Many say this is the new Gundam for new generations: Gen Z. It may not work well; at least my daughter was not into it. But it would be the best story my generation can deliver to them, and we can find the story from the opening song: The Blessing.

And on this planet, you were made to be born
To keep on living in this world, as time is flowing on
And so, you'd love it all, so you would treasure it
May all blessings find their way to you, I'm wishing it

I thought it was a usual tie-up when I heard it was from YOASOBI, who would be the hottest in Japan now. But I realized it wasn't when I heard the full version - it was the serenade: from Aerial to Suletta (though many Gundam fans might be a little scared/anxious about it simultaneously).

It should be the best anime of this decade if it ends well; I'm wishing it. And I'm betting on Ichiro Okouchi.

The Blessing - Japanese version
The Blessing - English version