Threads from Instagram

While Twitter is devastating itself, Meta announced its Twitter killer wannabe: Threads, an Instagram app.

I'm uncertain if this is the primary reason for the unusual PvP clash between two tech celebrities, but I am also optimistic about Threads. While I appreciate Mastodon and the elegant Ivory, they haven't quite reached their breakthrough moment. My enthusiasm lies not in Meta or Facebook but rather in "Instagram."

Facebook is in a chaotic state. Software engineers usually say the term spaghetti code. However, it might not be the code but rather the features that resemble a tangled mess of spaghetti on the platform these days. The old Facebook, which was overwhelmed by social games, would be rather organized than today's Facebook. I still don't understand why my wife is not on the list (so, I have to search for her - literally - every time) when I tag her. Why do I have to have trouble finding posts that I liked before? I might be able to jot down several paragraphs.

So, starting with Instagram probably be a great chance for a clean-state start and regain its competitive edge. I genuinely hope they execute it successfully. I'm eagerly anticipating Thursday more than ever before.