WBC 2023 Started

World Baseball Classic began yesterday, and Korea couldn't make a good start. Baseball is a game in that even the best team could win 70% of the chances: the ball is round. Team Australia deserved the win; they threw faster balls with good command (except for the 8th inning), hit harder, and stuck to the basics. The way famous (and well-paid) Korean players looked strained, not ready for the game, and made the bonehead play.

The Australian Baseball League is a semi (in terms of the market size to Korean Baseball League) professional league, and Korea has a team (Geelong-Korea) in the league that consists of all Korean prospects (KBL minor leaguers). Geelong-Korea couldn't perform well these days. I thought it was because the dispatched Korean players were not so high-profile. I was probably wrong; I can understand that the ABL players genuinely play solid baseball.

Yes, the ball is round (again). Team Korea might win against Japan tonight. I love baseball because, in baseball, I can learn how to lose; in most cases, defeat is acceptable. I only want to see a game in that the luck exists only on the ball. It was not yesterday.