My new office now has a toaster, and I can toast a bagel for breakfast. I love bagels for breakfast, but unbaked bagels are so miserable.

It was WWDC that let me know the taste of the baked bagel. It was my first time to have ‘bagel’ (yes, the first bagel) at WWDC2012. The toasted bagel with cream cheese, it was so delicious and made me so happy. So, I was outraged when Tim Cook slashed toasters on the breakfast tables at WWDC2016.

I'm in the crowd.

I’ve attended WWDC 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, and last year 2019 (mostly with my own budget). I consider WWDC as my own religious event, and it is because I love the atmosphere of the WWDC: passion, connectedness, integrity, and so on. I usually go to the venue around 3-4am on the first day to line up for the front-line of the keynote. But it is not just because of the seat, the joyful moment over all night is so precious to me.

However, the mood has been a bit changed recently. In my early days (2012~2014), I was so happy because I could feel I got respected. In WWDC, developers were respected. Not only toasters on the tables, but everything was affluent; Odwallas were around every corner all over time. Coffee, tea, snacks were full of racks.

But last year, there is no toaster. We could see Odwallas only on a small number of bowls with limited supply (only at breakfast time). The conference was still good and decent quality, but that’s all; just enough, everything seemed to be precisely planned. I could understand it, but there was no satisfaction from the excessive overabundance - no touch, no impression.

I’m not sure it is the conference or me that has been changed. But I still love WWDC and hope to join this year again because it is still the event that inspires me most. I hope the virus does not spoil my precious moment.