iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro Max
Duty Served.

Buying a new iPhone on day one was my ritual; no, it has been a rather religious duty. I had bought a new iPhone every year since 2009 (3GS), but even to me, 'every year' was getting too challenging as the gadget went into the luxury domain. So, I have fulfilled my duty every two years since iPhone X: X, 11 pro, and 13 pro max.

Therefore, it's the time of 15. I woke up at 5 a.m. and clicked the purchase button for the 15 Pro Max. I had already prepared several days before. I heard that the online store servers were down in several countries (Japan, the U.K., etc.), but the US store experience was so smooth for me - much cushier than the Yosemite campsite reservation.

I picked it up at Apple Palo Alto, unboxed it, and grabbed it. Then, I felt something connected in my brain that sparked the feeling: it's different. Many reviewers had mentioned that it was way lighter than the previous one, but not only the weight but also the curved edge made the difference to me. It was the most comfortable iPhone on my palm since the iPhone 5; in retrospect, it also had the curved edge.

With iOS 17, the new iPhone has many new features, such as the x5 periscope lens, the satellite SOS (I skipped 14), and the action button. But it was solely aesthetics that made me fully satisfied. I'm sorry that I know it would be hard for many to get it. But, it wouldn't matter to me; what matters would be whether it can appease me, simplify my life, and make me more productive.