Macworld magazine

I'm usually saying to my acquaintances that my religion is Apple - half in fun, but I believe it would be a better religion than Jediism; yes... quite debatable, I know.

I prefer a homogeneous environment and have filled my personal and work environment with Apple devices. I have heard a lot of counterarguments from others that they don't like Apple because it hardly allows users' freedom to customize/modify the devices. Yes, I can understand, and it might be true. However, the rigidity indeed is why I'm sticking to Apple. The more I get older, the more I seek to reduce the noise in my life. I don't want to be distracted by the temptation of customization and instead, focus on spending my time on more productive things and extending my experience.

But there is one thing that I miss: the old Macworld magazine. More than ten years ago, when I was a heavy flight-goer, my pre-boarding routine was to grab a Macworld magazine and sit at the gate. The magazine contained myriad trivia and tips, not to mention hidden gem apps. But around some time, the magazine lost its splendor.  These days, the magazine is only filled with benchmarks and monotonous cycles of iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac reviews that are usually available from somewhere else. The pages are dull, and it is pathetic but also understandable. There would be no territory for a monthly magazine to seize up-to-date information in this Youtube reign.

The magazine could not live with the old ways anymore. An idea just came up to me: how about focusing on people. As I mentioned in another post, "Press Reset" was a remarkable book because it was about "people" in the game industry. I thought it would be great to see stories of developers behind the Apple devices and great software. Just an idea, but it could be momentous in an era even Apple does not seem to respect developers anymore.