Pinnacles 2023

Pinnacles 2023

Pinnacles National Park is the smallest National Park in California (5th smallest in the US). We were there last year and had a great time, and this year, we visited there again as the Spring came to the Bay Area.

Pinnacles National Park - The East Side

We learned a lot about the Park on our last visit - especially about parking on the weekend. We left home at 5 am in the morning, passed the Park entrance and the visitor center (the campground), and ran up to Moses Spring Parking Area. It was 7 am, and there were a few available spots. I think you have to come no later than 8 am (on the weekend) if you want to park near Bay Gulch Day Use Area.

At first, we left for the Bear Gulch Reservoir via Bear Gulch Cave. Last year the path was crowded in both directions (up/down), and it was hard to take pictures. This year at 7 am, literally, there was no one except for us. We could have plenty of time in the cave and enjoy the morning tranquility of the beautiful reservoir.

Then we went to Condor Gulch Trail. It was a steady and easy trail by a beautiful landscape. We could see many condors (probably) circling the top for foraging and a glimpse of the California Superbloom of this year.

After two hikes, it was just 11 am, and we had lunch that we had brought from home. Then, came back home - it was still 1 pm of Sunday. The early bird was paid in full.