Seoul 2022

Seoul 2022
The Seoul office

I couldn't have written posts these days because I visited South Korea last month (since I last visited there two years ago). It was a little more than three weeks, but I had never imagined three weeks would go so fast; I had only a few days without an appointment. Being an engineer (not running my own business) has brought me many good things; most of all, I don't have to meet anyone I don't like. But I was surprised I had so many people whom I wanted to meet actually; I'm sorry to those I couldn't meet this time.

So many meetups mean so many meals. Enjoying soul foods should be the greatest pleasure of visiting the home town. Frankly, I'm writing this post to 1) revive my wave of writing and (more importantly) 2) put a record of what I ate during the visit.

But one thing interesting was my best cuisine of this time was not a Korean one; it was the Fantastic 4 Burger of Brooklyn The Burger Joint.

Though the name had 'Brooklyn,' it was no place in New York but Seoul, Korea. The burger was made with four patties and cheese - and nothing else. I loved the patty's texture, which was juicy but not greasy, and the four created happiness. It could be because I haven't had enough burgers in the US, but my best burger is in Korea - at least yet.

P.S.: One more interesting thing was that my best cuisine in the US (till now) was Jampong of Mandarin Roots. Another irony.

Jampong at Mandarin Roots