Storm in the Bay Area

Storm in the Bay Area
Seeing this in my neighborhood is unrealistic.

What has made Silicon Valley so special? Many (including me) say it is thanks to its excellent weather. I also believe that Bay Area's comfy climate and always blue skies make people positive; it is the source of Silicon Valley's innovation.

However, entering 2023, we have had a different story; the Bay Area is struggling with storms - not just a storm, but a series of bomb cyclones. Many national news networks are running it under the headline, so it shouldn't be just a whine from one of America's wealthiest regions. Seeing the US101 flooded is not a realistic scene, but we already have seen too many unrealistic things since the pandemic. Climate change might be inevitable now, and we don't have Infinity Stones.

I remembered that George Friedman didn't seem to agree with climate change in his book "The Storm Before the Calm." So, I read the chapter again. But it made me sad because I couldn't help but agree with him.

I have also neglected the subject because the probability of significant action is a political matter requiring global action, and I am confident that won’t happen.