Super Bowl LVI

Even though the 49ers were not there, Super Bowl is Super Bowl. Like all the other playoff games (literally, all), the Super Bowl was an exciting game till the end. Yes, the halftime show should be a legend.

However, many would agree that the Super Bowl commercials are always the center of the topic. Everyone is saying Coinbase's bouncing QR code (I also bought it in the last second), but my best was the trailer of "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness."

At that exact moment, I heard the voice of the Professor; I was thrilled and almost jumped out. Years ago, I already said my affection to 'Sir' in another post. Welcome, Professor, to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I hope it is not his one-shot appearance. Please don't make him a pop-up.

P.S.: My runner-up was Kia's cute puppy.