The Cloud Club

The Cloud Club
The game view from the Cloud Club

The last time was the Courtside at Chase Center, and today, I've been to the Cloud Club at Oracle Park. I've been there so many times, but it was my first visit to the Suite level, and the Cloud Club was one of the most luxurious Suites.

It was my company's SF office off-site event: a farewell party for a colleague. There are premium parking lots at Lot A (usually for season ticket holders). But we could park at a more(?) premium parking area - King-Town Garage at 153 Townsend; I'd never known there was an indoor parking space for Oracle Park.

The Suite level was 4F. Many suite rooms were lined up along the long hallway when we got off the elevator. The Cloud Club was at the end of the hallway.

It was a vast and dedicated space for us. Food and beverage were all-inclusive: hotdogs (yes, it was a baseball park), chickens, clam chowders, popcorns, crab sandwiches, etc. And beers, wines, and cocktails flowed - but there was no coffee... why? It was (and almost always in the Park) a chill day, but a staff member gave me an ice cream sandwich - it was yummy, though.

The view was also excellent - not as exciting as the lower infield but not too far, so it was good to watch the overall game. The space had glass walls so that we could see the game indoors. There were also outdoor seats on balconies if we wanted to take some fresh air. Surprisingly, it was a heated seat! But it did not help so much in the freezing gust of SF seaside.

The game was fun. The Giants swept the Rockies. It seemed like my agony of the last week (we had a 5-game losing streak) finally compensated. The only regret was that Ruf missed the game today. I understand, though; we need to check Longo anyhow. Ruf is getting better, and it should be a good time for him to rest.

So, how much was it? I was surprised that I learned it cost around $7,000. Yes, it was not cheap - around $240 per person. However, considering the usual in-field seat of Oracle Park costs $100, I thought that it was not so expensive for the space and the all-inclusive service. Suddenly, I realized how insane the $3,000 courtside seat (for one person) for the Dubs game was. (Yes, the price tag should vary; it was a weekday day game; a post-season vs. Dodgers game must have a different tab.)

I was thrilled and enjoyed the game and the feeling of normalcy - the end of the pandemic. But after the game, I realized the normalcy was not the one we had before; I learned that we had two COVID cases in my office. So, I made an appointment for a PCR test tomorrow. It's the new normal; I just want to live with it well if it is unavoidable.