The Multiverse of Madness

I've seen "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." So, now I'm spoiler proof. I can hardly be a Marvel fan - I literally 'never' have read any marvel comics. But I would be a definite Marvel Movie fan - I've seen all Marvel movies (since Iron Man) and most Disney+ TV shows.

The movie was great for me. As I said before, seeing my Professor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was a marvelous experience. Although I don't have many memories of Sam Raimi's classic horrors (I was at the elementary school when The Evil Dead was out.), I was always a fan of his Spiderman trilogy (especially the second one).

I believe the title should've been "Scarlet Witch in the Multiverse of Madness." Wanda must be the true protagonist of the movie. It would be hard for anyone who hasn't seen WandaVision to understand why Wanda was so out of her mind. Only one thing that I regretted was Wanda's combat scenes were somewhat 'modest' while Doctor's were more attractive and creative. The modesty made Illuminati 'mediocre' - what a pity!. I wish Sam Raimi would have had more affection for Wanda's character. I was shocked when I read an interview article that Sam did not finish WandaVision.

The genre of the movie was horror. Some might have wanted a typical Marvel movie - a golden mix of humor and actions. And this movie couldn't have satisfied them 100%. But I think this is the time to establish the setting for the next phase. I expect we can see the typical Marvel one at Thor: Love and Thunder. In only two months. It always makes me happy.