Miorine (left) and Nadesico (right)

I couldn't put down anything last week, partly because of the 49er's loss, but the root cause was I was busy setting up my new M2 Macbook Pro - her name is Miorine.

I've been trying to separate my work environment from a private setting. And I used M1 Macbook Air for my personal use; it was a great machine. I wrote almost all those blog posts with her and even could finish BioShock. But recently, I needed more power for my personal-professional purposes. And Apple announced the new M2 Pro/Max; I thought it was the time. And I had one (14" MBP M2 Max - 12 core CPU, 38-core GPU) last week.

This is the perfect machine I've ever used: with the right weight and the perfect portability. It is a true power behemoth; I ran several programming build/unit tests, and it consistently outperforms (more than 20%) my company laptop (16" MBP M1 Max - 10 core CPU, 32-core GPU).

But, I was most delighted when I set up my terminal. I've always been a wannabe for the command-line wizard. I found an excellent Youtube video series from Josean Martinez. Yes, I always love to use iTerm2 with PowerLevel10K, vim, tig, tmux, etc. But this is the most elegant/efficient configuration I've ever seen.

Mac Terminal Setting
Neovim Setting
Tmux Setting

Using nvim as the primary development environment is a fascinating idea. My next objective is to set up a serious development environment for Go and Python; I have to check mason and lspconfig. There should be a lot to learn: the amount of fun definitely.