WWDC 2023

Now it is my annual ritual to complain online-only WWDC. Four years have passed since the last in-person WWDC (2019). I'm so sorry that I couldn't complain about sad bagels - bagels without the toaster.

However, the "no innovations at WWDC" phrase wouldn't be proper this year; now we have "Apple Vision Pro."

Some might argue that it couldn't be successful due to the high price tag of $3,499. However, I believe what Apple wanted to show was not the device but the concept of Spatial Computing: a new immersive computing environment only using eyes, hands, and voice. Although there may be many comparable devices with similar applications, (I believe) none could have provided the same unique experience. And if it can prove its usability and benefits, the price tag wouldn't matter. The price will go down eventually; it is crucial to instill confidence and belief in people without leaving any room for doubt and make them believers. Hence, it would serve as a legitimate proof of concept for an entire decade. All it has to do is to fulfill what it promised today.

However, I was sad because I realized there was no passion/affection for developers – once I believed in the core of WWDC. Today's keynote was more like an imperious order from a leader. It might be because I don't feel myself an Apple developer anymore. I want to find out next year it really was - a repeated reminiscence/resolution.